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Citrus Packing Co.

Citrus Packing is a Middle Eastern leader in Citrus and produce production, wholesale, export, and distribution.

The company owns large citrus groves, packaging, and processing plants in the Gaza Strip.

It is the largest citrus producer in Palestine, with a packaging capacity of 25,000 tons annually, it is also one of the biggest exporters.

The company has warehouses, terminals, and offices in Gaza and Amman, Jordan. It has wholesale and distribution operations, and it exports a big part of its own and other producer’s production to Middle Eastern markets, the Arabian Gulf States, Iran,
Turkey, Eastern and Western Europe, and
to a small extent North America.

The company packages and markets the product under its own brand name, and under private label for some of its clients, brand names include the Torch Brand, among others.

The company also is a big produce importer and distributor. It imports product from around the world for distribution in the Middle East, were it holds exclusive distribution rights from some of the largest international producers.

The company is an extension of a family owned business that has been a Palestinian leader in citrus production for the past 250 years. Its quality products are known and recognized in its different markets around the world.

Number of employees: Management: 20

Groves & Plants: 250

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