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Shawa Plastics Group

Injection, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Rotational Molding

Shawa Plastics is an industrial group specializing in the plastic field.

The Group was founded in 1985. Based in Heliopolis, Egypt, it currently has operations in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Behind the success of any company is a global vision that guides it in its day-to-day operations, and its future planing.

Our Group has a very clear vision on the current state of the plastics industry, and its future potential. We firmly believe that over the next few years, the plastics industry in general, and roto-molding in particular will become one of the principal processes used in future products.

Equally, the development of new resins and innovative roto-molding techniques will permit rotational molders to penetrate previously inaccessible markets, contributing to rapid growth in the industry.

We also have a detailed vision of the equipment and accessories needed to achieve all this and permit us to reach our potential. Our Group has associated itself closely with industry leaders in plastic production equipment in Europe and North America.

The Group was one of the Middle East’s pioneers in producing irrigation systems, fittings, film for green houses and agricultural use. It was also one of the first to introduce Rotational molding to the area.

Roto-molding has been a new and recent comer to the Middle Eastern markets, which currently uses substitute products like fiberglass and steel. The majority of roto-molded products is not produced locally and are not available in the local markets with the exception of some items.

The demand for such products is increasing annually. Local governments are aggressively supporting and encouraging local producers to increase their market share and export to other neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

With the explosive growth of the tourism and resort industries, demand is climbing for sports and recreational water activities related products, as well as souvenirs and ornaments products.

Demand is also growing for playground products, games, toys and others related to the expanding restaurant, hotel, resort, childcare, schools, and clubs expansions.

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