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United Plastics Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Products:
Established in 1985, the company is a leader in irrigation systems manufacturing in Egypt and the Middle East.

It produces polyethylene pipes, low and high density, of different sizes. It produces a complete range of fittings, PVC ball valves, blown film for green houses and low tunnels. And in-line dripper pipes.

The company operates a 5000 square meter production plant that includes:
  • 2 extrusion lines.
  • 7 injection machines with capacity of 25 tons to 650 tons.
  • 1 blown film machine.
  • A whole range of supporting and maintenance machinery and equipment.
  • In-line dripper pipes extruder.

Early in the year 2000, the operation will be moved to a larger, custom-built plant to meet the growing demand for its products.

The company has its own separate sales and marketing force to market its products domestically and to the Middle East.

United Plastics exports 30 % of its production.


Garden Furniture Products:
Recently, the Group established a third plastics production plant in Egypt as a joint venture with Universal Plastic Industrial Co., a Jordanian industrial group.

The Egyptian joint venture operates under the trade name: Riviera Plast.

The new plant will produce garden furniture for homes and resorts, including chairs, tables, and others, with a variety of colors and styles. Products will be for the domestic Egyptian market, and for export to Middle Eastern and European clients.


Consumer Products:
This joint venture was formed in late 2001 with Zenith Plastics Inc., a Hawksbury, Ontario, Canada based injection molder, specializing in pipes and fittings for the construction industry. The new joint venture will produce electric kettles for the retail and whole sale markets in North America and the Middle East, with future plans for the European market.


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