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Shawa Plastics Canada Corp.

Shawa Plastics Canada is the Group’s International development arm.

The company’s mandate is to procure and export raw materials, machinery, finished products, and plants design & production technology to supply its affiliated companies’ plants in Egypt, their sales and distribution centers, and their clients in the Middle East and Europe.

The company also conducts Canadian and U.S. market research. Plus manufacturers and products procurement, consulting, and development services.

The company works with Canadian Government agencies like Export Development Corporation (E.D.C.), and North Star Trade Finance, both are export finance Crown corporations that facilitates the sale of Canadian Technology and equipment to overseas clients.

The company has established a working relationship with S.T.P. Equipment Inc., of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada to market S.T.P.’s line of products and technology as S.T.P.’s exclusive agent in the Middle East.

S.T.P. is the second largest North American manufacturer of Rotational Molding machines, molds, and other plastics production related heavy equipment for the rotational-molding sector.

The company designs and builds the machines in its Sherbrooke plant, and provides assembly, training, and plant design and production technology to its clients. Through Shawa Plastics Canada, both companies will be able to open new markets for this state of the art technology in the emerging and fast developing Middle Eastern markets.

Shawa Plastics Canada and Shawa Enterprises Canada are both working on a joint venture with S.T.P. to build a Mold manufacturing plant to complement S.T.P.’s machinery and offer a one stop shopping for the clients.

The company is an active member in the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) and other international industry bodies, and is always present at the industry’s annual conventions and shows around the World along with its Egypt and Italy based sister companies.


Our new joint venture:

Shawa Enterprises & Shawa Plastics Egypt recently co-invested in a new $ 4.7 million production plant in Egypt, and received some support form the Canadian Government through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for using Canadian products, know how, technology, and management methods in the new venture.

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