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Shawa Plastics Egypt

Shawwa Plastics Egypt is a pioneer in rotational molding in the Middle East. Established in 1993 and based in Heliopolis, Egypt, the company owns and operates a 6,500 square meters production plant which produces polyethylene products such as:

  • Water tanks of different sizes for buildings, homes and plants, up to 30,000 liters.
  • Chemical containers of different sizes, 30 to 500 liters.
  • Plastic drums 220 & 240 liters capacity.
  • Electro plating tanks.
  • Custom molded products for our different clients needs.
  • Feeding bins for live stock.
  • Calves Hatches.
  • Baby seats for cars.
  • Garbage shoots for buildings and construction sites.
  • Garbage bins.
  • Road construction barriers and road furniture.
  • Floats for guiding ships through canals and ports.
  • Marina floats.
  • With a range of other products currently under development.

Shawwa Plastics established the first modern roto-molding plant in Egypt, and currently commands 65 % of the local production of roto-molded products, with superior products in design and quality production, and a marketing team of 7 professional sales representatives headed by a veteran team of executives consisting of a marketing manager, a sales manager, and a commercial manager.

The company is well positioned as a leader in its field with huge potential for growth.

Recently the company has been producing its own steel molds in-house.

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