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Research & Development

The Group places big emphasis on R & D and is continuously testing new concepts, raw materials, and products in its in-house research center, and in direct cooperation with the National Research Center in Cairo and the Plastic Industry Development Center in Alexandria.

The Group continuously imports new raw materials’ samples and products and tests their possible applications.

It also tests and develops new uses for new multi layered plastics used in manufacturing water, fuel, and chemicals tanks. These materials are developed by Wed Tech Inc. of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The Research & Development laboratories at both companies have been working jointly on testing the application of these materials, and on the field tests of the finished products in the Middle Eastern climate.

Another company the Group cooperates with closely on Research & Development is S.T.P. Equipment Inc. and its Prado Technologies division, both based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. STP is the second largest producer of Rotational Molding machinery of all sizes in North America.

Shawa Plastics Group represents S.T.P.’s line of products in the Middle East and North Africa, and works closely with their development center on producing the machines that meets the demands of the clients in the area.

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