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Shawa Enterprises Canada Corp

Shawa Enterprises Canada is the operating, management, and development umbrella for the group.

The company is an investment and development organization. It specializes in and has developed an excellent track record in investing in promising new opportunities either on its own, or in partnership with selected quality investors with expertise in their fields.
Since 1989, it brought together partners from different backgrounds and business fields, invested with them in new projects, and created successful ventures.

The company's goal is long-term investments, but it had also sold properties and businesses over the years that had appreciated in value considerably.

The company provides administrative, management, and consulting services to its divisions and subsidiaries, and manages their affairs. It also provides investments and funds management services.

The company offers management and consulting services to a variety of third party clients, most of which are based overseas, which uses the company's expertise in its specialized fields of operations.

The company maintains strong established contacts and business relationships with an array of clients and associates in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East were we continuously supply them with North American or European products and services, or help them in procuring and exporting the products directly.

A percentage of these clients include businesses owned by Al-Shawa Family members overseas.

Shawa Enterprises Canada
Abubaker Shawa & Sons (Palestine) Ltd.

The Palestine Investment arm of Shawa Enterprises, this Gaza City based company owns land and buildings, and holds shares in The Bank of Palestine Ltd., founded in 1960 by the Al-Shawa Family. It also holds shares in several local public companies.

The company also holds the rights for the Subway Restaurants Master Franchise for the Palestinian Territories, and will develop restaurants in the area once the project is finalized and the economical and political outlook for Palestine is stable.

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