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Real Estate Division

The division owns and manages properties in Canada, the United States, and to a smaller extent the Middle East, some properties are wholly owned, others are partnerships with other developers.

The division specializes in acquiring real estate properties, invests in upgrading them, and transforming them to quality assets with stable long-term cash flow.
Our holdings are spread across residential, commercial, office, and industrial properties.

The division offers third party management services, properties acquisitions, development, and real estate investment. It was also hired by international property investors from the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East to help them identify, acquire, and manage properties.

In late 1997, Shawa Enterprises Canada established a joint venture with Delma Properties Inc., of New York, N.Y., to acquire properties in Canada.

Delma is a partnership between members of the Al-Shawa, Khoury, and Toroyan families.
The company is an affiliate of Athens, Greece based Consolidated Contractors Company (C.C.C.) Group of Companies, which is the largest construction and engineering company in the Middle East, and is ranked number 8 worldwide. With annual sales of USD $ 2.25 billion, a work force of 65,000 employees, and offices, operations, and projects in 65 countries around the world covering 5 continents.

Delma is a value added real estate investor, it specializes in acquiring properties were it can create value. The company has acquired and sold properties worth more than USD $ 400 million over the past decade, and currently has assets totaling USD $ 350 million spread over most U.S. States and Canada. The company owns properties in all sectors, including office, retail, shopping centers, hotels, residential, nursing homes, and industrial. The company is planing to acquire between USD $ 200 and 300 million in new properties over the next two years in the U.S. and Canada.

Shawa Enterprises is an equity owner and investor in Delma's operations.
It is active in marketing Delma's real estate investment funds to potential institutional and private investors in Canada and the Middle East.
It is also active in establishing relations with Canadian pension funds, financial institutions, potential real estate joint venture partners, and the procurement of new investment opportunities in Canada.

The joint venture's first acquisition in Montreal was 625 President Kennedy Avenue, a 127,000 square foot, 17 floors office tower in down town Montreal with retail space and underground parking, plus a connection to Montreal's unique underground city and subway system.

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