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Business Development & Consulting Division

Project Development Group Canada Corp. (PDG)

PDG Canada is a Montreal based consulting and development company specializing in international development of industrial, food, technological, and agricultural products' production facilities.

Over the past decade the division conducted, through affiliated entities, viability studies, and developed many overseas projects on behalf of its affiliated companies and third parties. Projects included cold storage warehouses in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip, Havana, Cuba, and Bolivia.
It is also carrying out studies and development plans for a plastic plant in Egypt, a textile plant in Jordan, and a personal computer assembly plant in Morocco.

The division works closely with Canadian, U.S., European, and other Governmental development agencies, international governmental and non-governmental development agencies, and other organizations.

The division also works with a network of International banks, to provide conventional commercial financing to the group's development projects, and its clients.

This division is a joint venture with Trycana Development Inc., of Montreal, Quebec, and Project Development Group U.S.A. (PDG), of New York, New York. The Division has offices and operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Further details on the PDG Group are available under the PDG section.

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