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Former Businesses

Shawa Enterprises have sold industrial and commercial projects that have been developed and matured over the years. These projects were joint ventures with other partners who were leaders and specialists in their fields.

Listed below are some examples of such ventures:


Minten-grove International Corp.

Minten-Grove International is a development company that was formed in 1997 to develop, own, and operate cold storage facilities, tissue culture laboratories, and power generation plants in Central and South America, and in the Middle East.

The company is worked with governmental agencies, and commercial banks on the above projects, PDG Canada was one of the consultants on the projects.

The company's projects included:

In Cuba:
Cold storage facility.
Produce packaging and distribution center.
Tissue Culture laboratory.

In Bolivia:
Cold storage facility.
Electrical Power generation plant.

In Palestine:
Cold storage facility.
Flowers Nursery.

The company is also affiliated with a Montreal based subsidiary, Pac Frais Foods Corp., which owns a food processing plant and a produce distribution center.

The company is a joint venture between Shawa Enterprises, Trycana Development Inc., and Minten-Grove Corp., all of Montreal, Quebec.

Minten-grove Corp., through operating subsidiaries, is Quebec's largest importer of fresh fruits and vegetables and the owner of the largest terminal at Marche Centrale, Montreal's central produce market. The company is a 75 years old quality name in the produce business, with the highest reputation, a 30% market share in Quebec, and annual sales of CDN $ 65 million. It is affiliated with a European company, Coosemans Worldwide, and owns produce distribution facilities in 30 cities around the world.

The company has investments and holdings in real estate and computer components distribution, one of its subsidiaries; GB Micro Electronics Inc.; is a partner with our group in an international venture.

GB Micro International Corp.

GB Micro International is a partnership between Shawa Enterprises, Trycana Development, and GB Micro Electronics Inc. (a subsidiary of Minten-grove Corp.), all of Montreal, Quebec.

The company is developed a personal computer assembly plant in Morocco's free trade zone. The zone allows all products built in it to be sold duty free and quota free in the European community's member states. The product will also be sold in neighboring African countries.

The computers is assembled under the Signature brand name, and sold either through distributors' network, or the company's web site. The finished product will include a software package, warranty, and an optional financing or leasing plan offered in partnership with local financial institutions.

The facility will also include a large distribution center, and a service center, which will be replicas of GB Micro's Canadian centers.

Phase two of the project includes building a software development center, to benefit from the large pool of available local talent, which is fluent in three languages: Arabic, French, and Spanish. This will allow the company to cater to a large and diversified client base.

The Moroccan joint venture is in partnership with United Projects Ltd., of Rabat, Morocco.

GB Micro is Canada's largest computer memory distributor, with annual sales of $ 140 million, and facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver. The company is a subsidiary of Minten-grove Corp.


F.F.S.T. Garments Corp.
(Freed & Freed, Shawa, Trycana Garments Corp.)

This is a development company established in 1999 to develop textiles production plants in Jordan and Palestine, marketing offices in New York and Montreal, and possibly factory retail outlets in Canada.

The company is working with governmental agencies and our PDG Canada consulting division on developing the two projects overseas. A feasibility study is currently being conducted.

The Jordan plant will be built in the Al-Hassan free zone industrial park located near the City of Irbid, 40 km north of Amman. The industrial park enjoys a free quota and full custom duty exemption on exports to the United States.
The Palestinian plant's location has not been selected yet, and could be in Gaza or the West Bank. The Palestinian territories enjoy full quota and custom duty exemption in Canada.

The two plants with their exempt status with the U.S. and Canada will give F.F.S.T. Garments a solid advantage on the other textiles importers and manufacturers.

The Middle Eastern partner in Palestine and Jordan is AD TAL Textiles Ltd., a well-established textile producer with plants in Palestine, Israel, and Jordan with 400 employees.
The plants produce close to 900,000 pieces of clothing per month. The company also produces clothing under contract for numerous international buyers such as; J C Penny, Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, and many other well known Western brands.

The Canadian group includes Shawa Enterprises, Trycana Development, and Freed & Freed International Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Freed & Freed is a well-established worldwide designer and producer of high-end clothing. The company produces textiles literally around the World on all continents, using a network of owned plants, joint ventures, and plants under contracts. It was established in 1921.
The company's plants in Canada produces men & women garments, suits, outer ware, and lingerie, Its plants also produces combat and non-combat uniforms for the Canadian military.
With Annual sales of $ 50 million, and brand names like London Fog, Pacific Trail, and others, the company is considered a major player in the market.
It is also the licensee in Canada for Pierre Cardine fashions among others.

Shawa Enterprises and Freed & Freed have cooperated jointly in the past were they produced high end men coats in a contracted textiles plant in Gaza, using Italian fabrics, and destined to the Canadian Market.


S.M.F. Resources Inc.

A Montreal based company formed in the eighties as a partnership between Shawa Enterprises, The Marine Group, and Trycana Development, all of Montreal, Quebec.

The company is a private investment entity, it invested in projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, including real estate, food services, and industrial projects.

The Marine Group is a Montreal based investor, real estate owner, and developer, the group owns properties in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, and interests in several operating businesses in the food services, natural resources, and others.

Trycana Development is a Montreal based investment company that invests in industrial, agricultural, and real estate projects.


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