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Abubaker S. Al-Shawa Charitable Foundation
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Founded in 1996

After Mr. Abubaker Al-Shawa, the founder of Shawa Enterprises Group and one of the founders of the Shawa Group International (SGI), passed away in 1996, The company's shareholders established a foundation in his name, to commemorate his legacy, and continue his work helping those in need, which was his life long passion.

The Abubaker S. Al-Shawa Charitable Foundation is a Geneva, Switzerland based non-profit private organization.

An endowment was put in a trust fund owned by the foundation to be invested and cover its operating costs, and allow all contributions to it to pass 100% to the intended recipients, without any cuts for administrative or other costs. The foundation receives annual donations from the group's shareholders, and a percentage of the group's net profit.

The foundation supports self-sustaining projects that helps those in need depend on themselves. It also extends financial and other assistance to needy families, it has financially adopted several orphaned children, and awards university scholarships annually to qualified students.

The foundation has a social, educational, and humanitarian, mandate and stays strictly away from political or religious issues.

The foundation works with other N.G.O.'s with similar mandates, and have developed projects with them in the past. It works closely with the SGI Charitable Foundation, which have similar goals to its own.

Also, currently the foundation's team is working with the Welfare Association (WA) of Geneva, Switzerland, on establishing the WA's new Canadian subsidiary, and reviving its U.S. one.

The Abubaker S. Al-Shawa Foundation's (ASF) team has carried out all the necessary feasibility studies on the project, including governmental approvals and procedures, legal and professional issues, potential cooperation with and funding from governmental programs and other Canadian NGO's, and other related issues. Our team's North American experience qualified us as the lead partner in establishing these subsidiaries.

The Welfare Association is the largest private Palestinian charitable organization, and the fourth largest contributor to the Palestinian territories economy after the U.S., Canadian, and European Union's development agencies. It's based in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices and operations in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the U.K. The organization was founded by a group of prominent Palestinian businessmen, including many members of the Shawa family.
The WA supports economical, human, social, and cultural causes.

Two other projects the foundation team is working on, and lending its expertise to is the new Palestinian Community Center - Montreal, and the Arabian House - Montreal.
The projects calls for the development of two community centers that will each serve as a cultural and social center, a school, a daycare center, a convention center, a museum, a souvenir shop, and offices to serve the community.

Our team completed the 2 projects' feasibility study, costs, financing options, running expenses, layout, commercial utilization options, and all other related acquisition issues. The team is currently helping in the fund raising campaign for the Arab House, and the foundation has contributed funds of its own to the project.

The Palestinian Community Center became a reality in November 2002 through the efforts of the ASF team, which was working and supporting the Canadian Palestinian Foundation in its efforts to achieve this dream.


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