SGI Profile

SGI’s Internal Mandate

The Group’s raison de etre is to facilitate cooperation between its member companies, and promote their businesses, including:

• Keeping them connected and up to date with each other’s activities and operations.

• Collective negotiating and buying powers for products and services.

• Reduce redundancies and overheads in local and international operations.

• Efficient use of each member’s established business facilities around the world, including; offices, personnel, warehouses, and others. Which is put to use as part of the services the Group offers to its members.

• Efficient use of each member’s established name, business connections, procurement and marketing network, expertise, and many others for the collective benefit of SGI’s members and clients.

• Ease of travel, visas, accommodations, meeting facilities, meetings set up, and local contacts arrangements for Group members.

• Collective and Group Insurance policies covering business, property, employees, liability, life, medical, and travel benefits.

• A unified corporate image that includes Group wide use of: One logo, same corporate colors
and image, business forms and systems, and others.

• Access to a wide range of products, services, resources, expertise, and contacts to its members.

• Considerable savings on technological and communication costs through the use of the Internet as its main communication base and business channel.

• A single common Web site:, that promotes the Group’s products and services, and helps in the bundling, and cross selling of products and services from several members to prospective clients in one package.

• The unified investment resources of the Group’s members which allows them to pool their resources, and collectively invest in ventures, public companies, mergers, and acquisitions as a single entity. This option gives the Group members a bigger block, vote, and say in any investment they go into together. Something they cannot attain as individual investors.

• Collective strength in raising funds and donating to charitable organizations.

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