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SGI Investments Group

Investments is a holding and investment company, it is a private diversified mutual fund that drives its revenue from several investment divisions and strategies.

It owns several private funds that were set up to invest in certain sectors:

SGI Equities Fund: This fund invests in financial instruments, equities, and bonds, and has a portfolio of income generating instruments from around the world.

SGI Investment Fund: This fund is oriented towards the Group’s internal investments in its existing operations and their future expansions, whether organically or through mergers and acquisitions.

SGI Venture Capital Fund: Invests in promising opportunities and sectors around the world.

SGI Value Added Investment Fund: This fund invests directly in undervalued properties, projects, or companies in the real estate and other operating businesses, with the aim of turning them around and selling its position in them within 3 to 5 years for a high return on investment.

SGI Partners Fund: Equity raised by SGI along with outside investors or venture capitalists through limited partnerships to buy or invest in operating companies, whether SGI Group companies or third party owned businesses.

This structure with various specialized investment funds allows SGI to safely invest its capital in diversified sectors. It also allows it to benefit from the upturns and downturns of each particular sector or geographical area. This also gives the Group the choice of investing in and receiving returns from one or more of the specialized opportunities or revenue sources that SGI has available to it.

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